Category: Tree Pruning

What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning is a vital part of maintaining a landscape. It protects it from damage caused by overgrown branches and encourages healthy plant growth. Understanding the difference between trimming and pruning is essential for successful tree maintenance. Pruning has many benefits: Remove dead or decaying branches Overgrown trees and shrubs can pose a safety risk…

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How to Start a Tree Service Business

How to Start a Tree Service Business Developing a Business Plan Starting a tree service business can be a rewarding and profitable undertaking when done correctly. Before taking the plunge, it is important to create a business plan that outlines the financial, marketing and operational aspects of the business. Start by researching the industry, the…

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The Basics Of Tree Care

The field of tree care focuses on the practical application of arboricultural methods to the built environment. This includes backyards, greenways, parks, and road verges. Tree care specialists use a wide variety of tools and techniques to keep a variety of trees healthy and thriving. To learn more about how to care for trees, check…

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